MDDP Accomplishments & Goals

Over the past decade, the efforts of Muncie Downtown Development Partnership (MDDP) have resulted in numerous impressive achievements, bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the Downtown area. Among them:

Raising $21,000,000 in private investment.

Renovation of 32 historic buildings.

Opening of 64 new businesses.

Development and occupation of 256,000 square feet of commercial space.

Development and occupation of 200 apartments.

Creation and promotion of 136 Downtown events.

Hosting of 506 serial events.

Awards & Designations

Identified by the Muncie Action Plan (MAP) as one of "Muncie’s Top Assets."

Awarded "Community of the Year," by the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce,for Downtown development efforts.

Designated as a Main Street Community, by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Designated as a Preserve America Community.

Designated as an Arts and Cultural District by the Muncie Arts & Culture Council.

Home of Ivy Tech Community College.

MDDP Goals

While MDDP is proud of what it has accomplished so far, there is still much to do. We have broken up the tasks before us into four areas of concentration, and developed specific strategies and action items for each of those areas.


Enhance the physical appearance of the Downtown area, making it more attractive to both consumers and investors.

Strategy: Provide a diverse, safe and attractive environment to include business and residential, economic opportunity, quality public spaces, cultural and educational enrichment and visual beauty.

Action I: Complete original streetscape plan.

    Begin procedures to implement the second phase of the façade grant program.

    Incorporate snow removal program for Walnut St and cross streets. 

    Identify streetscape maintenance needs and determine source of funding.


Building consensus by communication and reinforcement of Downtown Muncie as a unique arts & culture, business, entertainment, retail and residential center.

Strategy:Create trust and cooperation with stakeholders interested in future Downtown initiatives.

Action I: Review structure of organization and board.

File corporate document to change 501 (c) 3 from Heart of the City to Muncie Downtown Development Partnership.

Review and update bylaws.

Finalize strategic plan.

Employ a full time director, determine cost and funding source.

Action II: Improve organization’s communications with the public.

Update "Ten Years In Review" video.

Create monthly email blasts, bi-annual newsletter and annual report upon acquisition or development of website.

Schedule public speaking engagements.

Continue public monthly Downtown Update meetings.

Action III: Recruit, assist, and support Downtown development and enhancement partners, and integrate seamlessly with other community and neighborhood organizations identified as potential partners to achieve goals.

Work in tandem with Muncie Action Plan’s downtown initiative.

Assist Park Board officials and Community Enhancement Project (CEP) with the management and event scheduling of Canan Commons.

Expand Ball State University freshman/parent tours to include Ivy Tech.

Share information with Muncie Arts and Cultural Council, Muncie Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Muncie Visitors Bureau and government agencies.

Provide transportation for visitors to and from Downtown.


Position Downtown Muncie as the premier destination to for dining, shopping, entertainment, and urban living.

Strategy 1:Market and develop brand identifying characteristics that attract new business, customers, and residents to Downtown.

Action I: Improve external and internal marketing

Develop MDDP website, and accompanying marketing strategy, to include business directory, available property listings, Downtown news, events calendar, user interaction, and social media integration.

Continue contractual marketing partnership with Ball State University.

Strategy 2: Enhance andcapitalize on media relationships.

Action I: Organize a group of media representatives to meet periodically and discuss promotional opportunities for the Downtown area, and execution through in=kind and matching contributions.

Send periodic releases to print media, and participate in over-the-air programs. Include articles on Downtown in general, and articles on featured businesses.

Develop and implement 12-month comprehensive advertising campaign promoting new branding initiative, to include banners and billboards, website, print media and radio, with procedures in place to measure results.

Review current cooperative advertising program and broaden for more effective marketing.

Maintain current photo and video library.

Strategy 3: Continue current Downtown events and develop new profitable events.

Action I: Determine funding strategy for events, and branding promotions.

Identify possible grants.

Determine co-op opportunities.

Expand sponsorship opportunities.

Determine budgets for each event and promotion.

Economic Structuring

Stabilizing existing business and attracting new business.

Strategy: Find and recruit new businesses and residents to locate Downtown, and support and assist existing businesses.

Action I: Recruit new business.

Identify possible grants and government support to fund business and residential attraction efforts.

Complete an inventory of all vacant spaces with detailed specifications for publication on website and other distribution.

Create recruitment package including incentives and collateral material.

Form a welcome committee to visit new businesses when they locate downtown.

Action II: Support existing businesses.

Conduct business owner survey to determine needs.

In tandem with Small Business Development, host workshops for current business owners.

Research feasibility of two-way traffic on Walnut Street.