The Original Muncie

We are the originals. The ones who work toward a better tomorrow, today. We challenge the status quo to make today "the good ole days." We live here, love here, play here and learn here. So join us. Be part of the movement. The Original Muncie. 


Muncie Downtown Development's roots go as far back as 1983. In 2012, our organization evolved and the legal name became Muncie Downtown Development Partnership.


We are the heart, soul and passion fueling DWNTWN development. We're writing the story for today and for the many tomorrow's ahead. 


Muncie Downtown Development Partnership exists to create a downtown environment that results in sustainable economic and cultural growth.


With a fresh perspective on its mission, understanding what it does well and the environment in which it operates, Muncie Downtown Development Partnership (MDDP) will pursue the strategic work plan included herewith.

Many of the goals can only be accomplished in collaboration with our many partners. MDDP coordinates progress and resources in these cases. Our downtown strategic initiatives include many of the directions of the 2013 ACP Plan and Muncie Action Plan. 



Vicki Veach,
Executive Director

Vicki came to Muncie from Kokomo, Indiana in 1972, when she began attending school at Ball State. She has remained a Muncie resident since. Non-profit work has always been a top priority for Vicki. That is how she became interested in DWNTWN. She loves working as Executive Director of the MDDP and is extremely proud of DWNTWN and the leaps and bounds it has taken in the past few years. She works tirelessly to promote DWNTWN's forward moving initiatives and to expand economic development by bringing businesses to the area. 

What makes you so passionate about DWNTWN?

Its potential to be the greatest place, EVER!

What has been your proudest moment while working at MDDP?

Being a part of the DWNTWN marketing campaign! It's inspiring to see all of the changes and new businesses it has brought to DWNTWN.

How do you spend your days off?

What’s a day off?  Kidding…I have many diversified interests such as boating, shopping in DWNTWN shops and cooking. 

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Cheryl Crowder,
Event Director

Cheryl Crowder is an Anderson, Indiana native who studied at Ball State. Since then, she has lived in Muncie -- for 31 years! She has always been passionate about non-profit work and the DWNTWN area. When she first applied to work at Muncie Downtown Development Partnership, she wanted to be the office manager. She wasn't hired for office manager, but rather was offered the position of Event Director developed specifically for her! In her free time, Cheryl enjoys traveling, listening and dancing to live music, reading and supporting the craft beer culture of DWNTWN.

What makes you so passionate about DWNTWN?

I have had the pleasure of being a DWNTWN resident for most of my adult life. I feel like we have kind of raised each other. I raised my children on it's streets. The sidewalks and parking lots are our backyard. I was able to create warm homes in spaces that had been forgotten and abandoned. We have loved each other through the best and the worst of times and have matured into resilient old ladies together :)  

What has been your proudest moment while working at MDDP?

I think the very first End of Summer Jam. It was amazing to have classic rock bands DWNTWN and hordes of people in the streets enjoying the community they live in and LOVING DWNTWN! There are so many of those moments that have made me proud to have been part of making a difference!