The original Monkey Thunder event spawned in the spring of 2011 as an art coup of sorts.  Prompted by an impending anniversary vacation for Brian & Genny Gordy, owners of Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co., their son Ben Gordy and gallery manager Braydee Euliss schemed to host an impromptu pop-up art show in their absence. The exhibit was designed specifically to cater to a more youthful crowd and featured works by 20 local artists. Overwhelming response resulted in two more Monkey Thunder events, one in the fall of 2011 and another in the summer of 2012.

After more than two years of relative silence, the fourth installment of Monkey Thunder proudly presents itself as “Monkey Thunder IV: Another, Another, Another Pop-Up Art Show”.

The Monkey Thunder series aims to challenge, encourage, confront, and support artists and viewers alike who are often left wanting more from Muncie’s art scene. The after-hours nature of the event allows for a transformation of the normal gallery setting and the exhibition of artwork that might not otherwise be appropriate during regular business hours. Curated by Braydee Euliss, MT4 features both 2D and 3D work as well as a sound installation and projection/video art. Exhibitors include familiar Muncie names, emerging artists from Ball State University, and artists as far away as Minneapolis, MN and Athens, GA.

This one-night-only opening/closing reception exhibit extravaganza will be held Saturday, November 22, 2014 from 8 PM to 12 Midnight. Light refreshments will be served. The event is all ages, and the public is invited to attend. Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. is located at 224 East Main Street in Downtown Muncie. For more information, call (765) 248-8422 or visit the Monkey Thunder Facebook page at­­­